A Dynamic Program to Help You Soar

Need to be recognized at your job? Start a business? Write a book? Is there a dream you have yet to fulfill? Ever wish someone would lend some direction and encouragement? Life coaching is creating a plan and actualizing that plan in a step by step therapeutic conversation. By utilizing the therapeutic relationship, we will explore the obstacles to actualizing your life’s dream and to accept full responsibility for all outcomes. You will see your dreams come to fruition!

Reach for your dreams

As children we make many plans for our lives. We want to be firemen, ballerinas, marine biologists and teachers. It’s natural to move away from these childlike musings as we mature. But sometimes we move too far away from the dreams of our younger selves. Sometimes we come to believe that our dreams are unattainable and we follow alternate routes to adulthood because we cease to believe in ourselves. Sometimes a series of inflight corrections is in order!


 Rediscover your Bliss!

Life coaching is a process of rediscovering or uncovering The Plan for your life that might have gotten lost somewhere along the way. Rediscovering what might have been lost is the first step to getting back on track!  Self actualizing and achieving those goals leads to deeper connection to meaningfulness and ultimately a happier life! Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss.” When you love what you do and you’re on track – you never ‘work’ a day in your life!