What is Integrated Spirituality?

Living a quality can be a challenge. Maintaining a close spiritual connection sometimes ceases to become a priority in the busyness of living. Regardless of what your spiritual path is called, integrating the values of your path can be rewarding work.

Creating a conversation that incorporates higher awareness of your worth, your path and your relationship with All Things Spiritual proves to be not only exhilarating but liberating as well. Unconditional love is a worthy goal – starting with loving yourself, then your neighbor!

A Common Thread of Truth

Having been born and raised in the Deep South I was immersed in Christian theology eventually obtaining my undergraduate degree from Mississippi College, a private Christian university.

But in Comparative Religions class, I began to feel that there is a thread of truth that runs through all religions. There is much similarity, not only in concepts, but also in the stories passed down in holy books that help keep alive the faith of followers.

Did you know that the birth story of Siddhartha is comparable to the birth story of Jesus, that many religions explore the concept of the afterlife, that there are teachers and disciples of teachers in many world religions? For example Kwan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, vowed not to leave this plane of existence until each and every human being was beyond the pain and suffering of physical life. And, of course, Jesus Christ’s teachings about Love continue to challenge us to love one another as God is Love and to be non-judgmental with our fellow human beings – the greatest lesson in compassion.

 An Integrated Spirituality 

Integrating spiritual values and implementing them in your every day life brings greater happiness, meaningfulness and connection not only to who you are as a Spiritual Being, but also as a Human Being – a husband, a wife, a sister, a brother, a parent, a neighbor, a friend and a member of humanity. Isn’t this what we as individuals need? Isn’t this what the world needs?